Thieving is a skill on Fatalx. It involves approaching specific characters or stores in-game and right clicking on them and selecting the 'Pickpocket' option. players doing this will obtain items or gold.

==Leveling from 1 - 99==

===1 - 20===

First, a player should theif off the Men walking around the Home area. doing so will reward you with a small amount of gold per each thief.

===20 - 50===

Head to ape atoll, you will need to start the Monkey Madness Quest to get the key to go through the gate. Once through the gate steal from the Silk Store. this will give you 1,000 GP (1k) per thief.

===50 - 80===

Once you hit level 50, move to the Silver Store next to the Silk Store, this store will give you more exp and 2,000 GP (2k) per thief.

Also, another method is to thief from the Bakery Store in Adrounage at level 53, this gives double the exp but no money, only cake but you can collect the cakes for the Legends Quest or just keep thieving after you get a full bag of cake and still get exp.

===80 - 99===

The easiest part! Theif from the Gem Store next to the Silver Store to recieve 5,000 GP (5k) and a great amount of exp, it takes about 10 minutes to hit 99!

==Other Media==

Thieving is regarded as the most easiest skill in FatalX, as all players have to do is repeatedly click every 4 seconds. Although higher level players will not really use thieving unless they are doing certain quests, lower level players will use it to earn a few Million GP.

Many players cheat to get to 99 by using an auto clicker. To stop this a random event now randomly appears every few minutes when thieving that stops the autoers.