Abyssal Demon
Abyssal Demon image
An Abyssal Demon
Vital statistics
Title Title
Gender  ?
Race Demon
Faction Demon
Health 150
Level 124
Status Slayer Monster
Location Slayer Tower

Abyssal Demons are powerful monsters found in Slayer Tower. 85 Slayer is needed to kill them

Drops Edit

Ashes - 100% Rune Full Helm - 8% Rune Platelegs - 5% Dragon Scimitar - 3% Abyssal Whip - 1% Clue Scroll - 1%



Slayer Monster, Drops Abyssal Whips and Clue Scrolls.


High Strength and Attack, a powerful weapon and decent pray level (protect from melee). Bring Food.



Many new players think they can find Abyssal Demons in the Abyss

Headline text Edit

the abyssal demons can be found on top of the slayer tower north west of canfis. just follow the road that goes north just before canfis and youll pass a fence and then the big building is it.

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